Royal Enfield stunned the world in Milan by unveiling this Concept KX bobber – a modern re-imagining of a 1930s Royal Enfield model. They say the project was started to show the talents of their design team who developed the whole bike in six months from scratch. The original KX was an air-cooled sidevalve v-twin with a monstrous 1140cc displacement, while the new bike’s engine appears to be a little bit smaller if the ‘838’ engine badge is anything to go by. The Concept KX originally started life as two new machines (one classical, one futuristic) but the finished thing is a perfect combination of modern and classic styling cues. The modern swooping girder fork with integrated headlight and nacelle is the perfect reimagining of the front end on the classic machine. The pancake style exhaust, single seat unit and flat tank also faithfully modernise the original KX, while Enfield’s job of hiding all the electronics is a masterstoke.

Even the airbox is part of the frame, with the engine taking the stain as a stressed member. In what is believed to be a world first, the Concept KX also has a single-sided softail rear-end. Officially, Royal Enfield say that the Concept KX is not destined for production but there are far too many completely resolved details for us to believe that’s true. Give it 12 months and you might see the real thing rumbling into a showroom near you.